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    Roseman University Upcoming Events

    Last updated 12 months ago

    At Roseman University of Health Sciences, our calendar is always filled. After our June commencement ceremonies, we don’t slow down for the summer. Here’s a look at just a few of the upcoming occasions hosted by Roseman University that may be of particular interest to prospective students and the general public.

    On July 19, Roseman’s Las Vegas campus will host the Cora Coleman Senior Center Health Festival. Stop by the Senior Center between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM for tips on staying well during your senior years. If you’re considering dental school, don’t miss the Doctor of Dental Medicine Information Session on July 30. That event is at the College of Dental Medicine on the South Jordan campus from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. If you’re interested in pharmacy school and need a little inspiration, attend one of our upcoming White Coat Ceremonies. The South Jordan campus will host theirs on August 29 and the Hendersonville campus ceremony will be on August 30.

    These events are just a taste of life at Roseman University of Health Sciences. You can join our student family as you pursue a career in nursing, dentistry, or pharmacy. Learn more by calling (801) 682-4232.

    Signs that a Career in Healthcare Is Right for You

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Are you considering a career in healthcare? Healthcare is a growth industry, and the work can be extremely rewarding. From dentistry to pharmacy, there are many different directions you can go when you choose to work in healthcare. Is this the industry for you? Here are some signs that you should consider working in the medical or dental fields:

    You’re Motivated to Help Others
    Healthcare is big business, but its focus is definitely patient care. As a nurse, you’ll often be on the front lines with patients, acting as a go-between for patients and doctors and listening to patients’ concerns. As a dentist, you’ll come face to face with patients every day as you help them maintain good oral health. Pharmacists help patients understand how to take crucial medications and help them prevent life-threatening drug interactions. If the thought of helping people through vulnerable times inspires you, healthcare could be a good fit.

    You’re Committed to Lifelong Learning
    Even after you’ve completed dental, nursing, or pharmacy school, your learning will have only just begun. The people who are most successful in healthcare are the ones who commit themselves to constantly furthering their educations. Chances are that you will have to take continuing education classes periodically to maintain your license, but it’s even better to seek out learning opportunities of your own accord. If you love to learn, there could be a place for you in healthcare.

    You Want to Be in a High-Growth Field
    Electronic medical records and new insurance rules means that the healthcare industry is entering a phase of growth. For example, job openings for LPNs are slated to grow by 22 percent through 2020. When you choose a career in healthcare, you can expect more job security and more opportunities for advancement than you could in most other fields.

    Are you ready to begin the journey to your ideal career? At Roseman University of Health Sciences in Utah, we have the degree programs you need to enter the exciting healthcare industry. Explore our dental, nursing, and pharmacy programs by visiting our website or by calling (801) 682-4232.

    Exploring Your Healthcare Career Options

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you’re considering a career in healthcare, your possibilities are nearly endless. There are many different capacities you can work in within the field, from clerical work to clinical work. This video covers some of the choices.

    Watch this video to get some ideas about your healthcare career options and what you should consider as you choose your future path. Some of the aspects you should weigh include your skills, education goals, and interests. For example, if blood makes you squeamish, nursing school may not be a good fit, but pharmacy school could be.

    At Roseman University of Health Sciences, we’ll help you choose the right course of study for your career goals. You can contact our Utah campus with your questions about nursing, dental, and pharmacy school online or at (801) 682-4232. 

    Understanding the Benefits of Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you work in the healthcare field, education doesn’t end on graduation day. Nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and everyone else working in a healthcare field must embrace lifelong learning if they want to stay competitive and ensure that they are delivering the best patient care. Why is continuing education so important for healthcare professionals? Consider these benefits:

    Learn New Technologies
    In the medical field, technology is constantly evolving. From newer, improved treatments to the latest in medical recordkeeping, there are constantly new technologies coming in to use. If you fall behind on technological advancements, you can’t do your best at your job. Continuing education offers a chance to learn how to use new technologies so you can keep delivering your best to your patients and your practice.

    Expand Your Skill Set
    When you complete your initial degree, you learn the basics you need to know to practice within your chosen field. For instance, if you go to dental school, you learn about the anatomy of the mouth and are taught how to perform exams and common treatments. While these skills are great, continuing education lets you go further. Perhaps you can perfect specialist treatments, like root canals, or learn about orthodontics. Every new skill you add to your arsenal makes you more competitive and lets you give your patients even better care.

    Improve Efficiency
    Part of being successful in the medical field is being efficient. Medical practices are devoted to patient care, but they have to function like businesses. Low levels of efficiency will cause care to suffer and make the practice unprofitable. Continuing education classes can teach you about the business administration side of the medical industry so you can tweak your habits and become the most efficient and effective healthcare professional you can be.

    At Roseman University of Health Sciences, we have all of the continuing education classes you need to keep progressing in your career. Learn about our dental, nursing, and pharmacy schools, as well as our business administration program, by calling (801) 682-4232. You can also find additional information by exploring  our website.

    Want To Know More About Your Career Options? Read Through These Helpful Articles

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you are stuck in a dead-end job, going back to school may be the perfect way for you to improve your career opportunities. Check out these links from around the Web for more information about what to expect from a dental career interview, memorization tips, balancing your college and work life, and things that every college freshman should know before starting school. Give the Roseman University Of Health Sciences a call at (801) 682-4232 for more information about our programs.

    It is important to prepare for your dental career interview in order to increase your chances of success. Read over this link from for tips on what you can expect during the interview process.

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    Did you know that the Roseman University Of Health Sciences scored an A+ from the Better Business Bureau? Check out this link from for more information about our college. 

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